February Pages

For February, I’ve had the great honor of being a guest Polly on the LilyPad- a member of their Creative team just for the month. I’ve loved it!  So many fun pages I’ve gotten to make!  Here are the ones I’ve made so far: (ps- we’ve had the stomach flu and some horrible migraine days around here, so I’ve not gotten as many pages done as I’d have liked to)web-2015-02-01-Christmas-2007 web-2015-02-01-Totally-and-completely-twitterpated web-2015-02-01-wedding-wonderful-alb_dspfeb15_cherished web-2015-02-02-grand-canyon-halcyon-days web-2015-02-02-I-love-Ewe! web-2015-02-02-mollie-and-abby-go-together-like web-2015-02-03-greatest-hit web-2015-02-03-kendalls-christening-ByOC-LBW web-2015-02-03-overwhelmed-byoc-sahlin-amy-martin web-2015-02-03-seriously! web-2015-02-03-we-miss-you web-2015-02-04-be-you! web-2015-02-04-fav-songs-of-1996 web-2015-02-04-random-challenge-grand-canyon-halcyon-days web-2015-02-05-sequoia-national-park web-2015-02-05-sitting-by-the-dock web-2015-02-05-U3-byoc-vw-ss-jj web-2015-02-06-Space-Camp-Grad web-2015-02-07-be-mine-valentine web-2015-02-07-blast-off-valentine web-2015-02-07-heart-beep-beep-beep web-2015-02-07-monster-crush-valentine web-2015-02-07-robot-radar web-2015-02-08-1st-cone web-2015-02-08-17-years web-2015-02-08-we're-a-happy-family web-2015-02-09-Lil'-stinkers web-2015-02-09-mama-sue's-wedding web-2015-02-09-totally-you web-2015-02-09-yellowstone web-2015-02-10-a&m-love web-2015-02-11-judson-alumna web-2015-02-11-love-peaches web-2015-02-11-tandem-love web-2015-02-16-abby-no-fear:


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