After (quite) a long hiatus, I hope to start blogging again

Well, life has been pretty crazy for the past couple of years, and I kinda forgot all about my blog.  Today, I signed up for Calvinball 2017 over at and realized that I wanted to document this journey.  It is 2017, my kids are now 17, almost 15 and 12, we have two golden retrievers now (10 yrs old and 7 months old), and I still scrapbook.  I end up going back and doing older photos quite often now, as I scrapped from 2000-2008, then took a break for a few years.  I still have lots of older stories to tell.  Here is some of my recent work:


February Pages

For February, I’ve had the great honor of being a guest Polly on the LilyPad- a member of their Creative team just for the month. I’ve loved it!  So many fun pages I’ve gotten to make!  Here are the ones I’ve made so far: (ps- we’ve had the stomach flu and some horrible migraine days around here, so I’ve not gotten as many pages done as I’d have liked to)web-2015-02-01-Christmas-2007 web-2015-02-01-Totally-and-completely-twitterpated web-2015-02-01-wedding-wonderful-alb_dspfeb15_cherished web-2015-02-02-grand-canyon-halcyon-days web-2015-02-02-I-love-Ewe! web-2015-02-02-mollie-and-abby-go-together-like web-2015-02-03-greatest-hit web-2015-02-03-kendalls-christening-ByOC-LBW web-2015-02-03-overwhelmed-byoc-sahlin-amy-martin web-2015-02-03-seriously! web-2015-02-03-we-miss-you web-2015-02-04-be-you! web-2015-02-04-fav-songs-of-1996 web-2015-02-04-random-challenge-grand-canyon-halcyon-days web-2015-02-05-sequoia-national-park web-2015-02-05-sitting-by-the-dock web-2015-02-05-U3-byoc-vw-ss-jj web-2015-02-06-Space-Camp-Grad web-2015-02-07-be-mine-valentine web-2015-02-07-blast-off-valentine web-2015-02-07-heart-beep-beep-beep web-2015-02-07-monster-crush-valentine web-2015-02-07-robot-radar web-2015-02-08-1st-cone web-2015-02-08-17-years web-2015-02-08-we're-a-happy-family web-2015-02-09-Lil'-stinkers web-2015-02-09-mama-sue's-wedding web-2015-02-09-totally-you web-2015-02-09-yellowstone web-2015-02-10-a&m-love web-2015-02-11-judson-alumna web-2015-02-11-love-peaches web-2015-02-11-tandem-love web-2015-02-16-abby-no-fear:

Pages I’ve made from January 12- January 22

















These pages are mostly ones made for the Month of Challenges over at  Each day, there is a  new challenge posted, and I’ve made a page for each one this month.  I also got a few extra pages made on Saturday when there was an online crop at Get It Scrapped– we had a go-to-webinar room open all day and got to take turns seeing each others’ screens and chatting.  I finished 4 pages during that all-day crop.

Pages I made January 1-11, 2015

I have been really enjoying the Month of Challenges over on this month.  Each day, there is a new challenge posted, and everyone who completes all of them for the month receives 20 to the Lilypad’s store.  Since that is where I shop for digi supplies, it only makes sense to do the challenges and earn some money to offset all the shopping I know I will do!

So, here are the pages I’ve made this month so far:

and one page not for the challenges, but just because I wanted to document these memories:


Creative Team Excitement!

I am thrilled to say that I have been asked to become a member of the Creative Team for Debbie Hodge’s wonderful site called Get it Scrapped! Get It Scrapped is a warm and welcoming community with a forum and gallery for free, along with a paid membership called “Masterful Scrapbooking” that includes a new class each month with live webinars each week that fit the theme of that month’s class.

For January 2015, the theme is “Single and Pretty” and deals with scrapping single photo layouts, while still including story and making it pretty.  Debbie also has a great little widget called Story Swoop which helps you connect stories with photos.  I love using this as a way to recall details to include in journaling on my pages.

I am so excited to join in on the fun!
Come over and check out Debbie’s wonderful site:

living a creative life


I am Kelly!  Welcome to my new blog.  I am trying to live a creative life, and document it.  One day at a time, right?

I live in Northern Alabama, with my husband of 17 years- Jeff, our three kids and our cute Golden Retriever.  I majored in Interior Design, and have always enjoyed creating things– I’ve dabbled in sewing, photography, painting, drawing, and scrapbooking.  I don’t always do a good job at keeping up with everything, but I am trying!

I have started a few blogs, but never kept them going.  Here is hoping that this time I will stick to it!

These days, I am all about digital scrapbooking.  I try to make at least one page everyday.  I started paper scrapbooking back when our oldest child was born, in early 2000, and was pretty obsessed with scrapbooking until around 2007.  I became interested in digital scrapbooking in 2011 and started collecting pretty digital supplies then, but didn’t really make many pages until 2013.  By the fall of 2014, I got really into digi, and have been working hard to document my family’s life now as well as older photos from the time I wasn’t scrapbooking.

Here are a couple of the first pages I made digitally: